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Prelude Magazine… Coming soon

Farah Al Hashim is a Lebanese Kuwaiti filmmaker, who studied in New York and is now living in Los Angeles. She is preparing for a feature film (with me) called … Continue reading

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Beirut Lady of the World

In honor of Beirut, and to commemorate the anniversary of the Civil War of 1975, I have posted below my favorite poem in English and Arabic of my beloved capital … Continue reading

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Interview with the actor Chadi Haddad

Tell us about the character that you play Farid is a young 23 year old Jordanian man, is a contradicting young man who lives a modern free life, who drinks … Continue reading

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Arab Popular Culture and the Media

The conference in the title above is organized by The Institute for Media Training and Research & the Department of Communication Arts. It is a three-day conference where intellects, students … Continue reading

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Anti-Smoking Movement in Lebanon… Will it affect LAU?

There seems to be an anti-smoking movement in Lebanon. Already a new draft law approved by the Lebanese Administration and Justice Commission bans smoking in public places (particularly indoors) in … Continue reading

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The King of the LAU Cats

I always wondered what was wrong with Bob the Cat. The leader of the tribe in Fine Arts, he is responsible for the area. He is loved and respected, although … Continue reading

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