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Hillary Clinton’s sense of humor

I am going to step into the murky space of political opinions for a while. I don’t like to do that but this time I couldn’t help it. It was too funny.

I am not exactly a big fan of Hillary Clinton. I used to be.. when I was a teenager. I read both Clinton biographies when I was fourteen, struggling in some chapters due to my then limited knowledge of internal American politics. But I had wanted to read her book to understand her more as a person, and how she’s worked herself to reach where she was. Raised to become a woman’s right activist since I was a child, I could find a lot to admire in her at the time.

Things soured heavily for me a couple of years later, in the summer of 2006. I’ll fast forward through the war and death that summer and get to the worst part, the part after war is over. The part where people finally returned home and got blown up in their rooms and gardens because they stepped on funny looking objects amidst destruction. The part where children got blown up on their way to school, or because they thought they found colorful objects to play with.

So Hillary Clinton refused to sign the Treaty of Clusterbombs. Objectively speaking, it is her right I suppose. Politics is a crooked business, and one must be selfish. Yet the sixteen year old at the time couldnt help but feel betrayed and somewhat stupid, and I became bitterly angry with myself. So I put her on my black list with Condoleezza Rice and her “birthpangs” and moved on with my life.

When psychotic dictator Muammar Gaddafi used clusterbombs on his people, the US found it natural to criticize. I don’t know why. It’s kind of like a spoilt child syndrome of a kid who wants for himself what he wont let others have, no matter how competitively spoilt they happen to be too. I think there are words to describe such cases… either hypocrites or bullies… Not sure which is more appropriate but I’ll take both.

So if I was there that afternoon along with the other students in Zouk waiting to ask Hillary Clinton my clusterbomb question, the one she will never answer, I would have. But that couldn’t happen, even if I was there….


Thats where the title of this blog post comes in. She had the lovely sense of humor to prepare the questions for the students instead. Nice, safe, diplomatic questions to be asked and answered spontaneously. I dont know if Ahmadinajad even came up with that when he visited a university in the US, but if he did, then it obviously wasn’t so obvious.

It really is funny that someone thought this thing wouldn’t get around to social media or the public. And it really is funny when I feel someone tries to insult my intelligence. And it really is funny when someone talks about freedom of speech and then does this. It would have been better if she had avoided the satellite interview altogether than to tackle such a humorous project.aaaaa


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