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Á mon Beyrouth…

No to Civil War

There’s been a lot of shooting, car breaking, tyre burning in the past couple of days. While things have quietened down for now, I came across this video through a friend, which says a lot…

As my professor used to say; There is no such thing as a civil war…

Over 200,000 martyrs

Over 3,700 car bombs

Over a 1,000,000 immigrants

And still we don’t learn


A note to the ones carrying rifles and burning tyres

Where were you when the gas prices reached 40,000 LL, or when bread prices rose to 2000 liras, while those you fight for sit in their palaces and villas, twisting laws to their personal benefits and for their very important friends while they profit millions of dollars off the grain of the people, their electricity, their water, their food, their rights. A government that takes advantage of the average citizen who makes 500 to 600 dollars a month? Why do you only show your bravado in the name of religion, while your basic needs as a human being are not even met? And why do you only know how to attack peoples cars and homes and streets instead of the villas and palaces that you let decide for you how you should live?

Do you want to know why? Ill tell you why. Because you know that IF you get into jail, you will be released again in a couple of months, if not less, when people forget these past few days with a little bit of Lexotanil, Xanax and partying as they always do.

And you will be released without even going through trial, by these very people your bravado will not dare to approach, as it happened so many times before. So break away till you get there.


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