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Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Don’t say it didnt happen…


2 comments on “Remembering the Armenian Genocide

  1. Yigit Sevinc
    November 14, 2012

    Not like that, Miss Choufani. I’m sorry but it’s not like that easy.

    You have to listen Turks too. Because they have right of reply and you studied media and you’re Lebanese. So you have to know liar media and sly forein countries -and their games-.

    The documentary is about reason of forced migration and Armenian Genocide lie.

    And living witnesses, our grandparents.


  2. Natasha Ch
    November 14, 2012

    Everyone has a right of reply, yet my post was not meant to be objective, for my subjectivity comes from personal relations, as Lebanon has a strong relationship with the Armenians and many came and settled here after the genocide and their stories have been passed on till today in the community. However, I will watch the videos.

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