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Prelude Magazine… Coming soon

Farah Al Hashim is a Lebanese Kuwaiti filmmaker, who studied in New York and is now living in Los Angeles. She is preparing for a feature film (with me) called “Breakfast in Beirut”.

Wild, crazy, artistic and loving as she has always been since our university days, she plans to start her next big idea this summer…

Tell us a little about yourself and what was the inspiration for you before you finally decided to start “Prelude”

I’m a film maker, writer, painter and photographer. Working in multiple sectors in media and cinema can lead the mind to think differently from others.  When I paint, write a story or script or even shoot a film or take pictures, I simply look at my work from a third perspective and ask my self – is this art? – do we know what art it is? Or do we just categorize our work according to what we know previously from the different experiences and knowledge or education we have had?

How did you come up with the idea for “Prelude Magazine”?

I was listening to a musical piece for Chopin – it had a subtle beginning – very calm yet wise – you can feel the tones were forming a very enchanting melody that could capture anyone listening to it. Then I wondered two things; how did this happen and how was it created ?

If such a musical piece can literally transform and shift my entire five senses and place them in a magical place I had to ask myself one question – what is next ?

Is it a prelude for something great that it is about to happen – I believe that Prelude Magazine’s platform will start from here- a source – a new identity for an artist to rediscover him/herself.

What will be different about “Prelude”?

Prelude Magazine will examine art news differently -and I can’t say anything about it until the magazine is officially released.

I see this magazine as an important source for art without camouflage – without fake messages but with one goal – to change how people see art.

I don’t know where in history did this idea started to shuffle around but I always believed that artists were never experts – they were never rich and still they are respected and adored till today.

This magazine will never have an “expert opinion”. I don’t believe that “experts” can define who or what artists are.

It will be completely subjective to humanity, to emotions and our inner desires.

What do you see in art?

I believe that art used to represent something important and stand for something but with time that “thing” kept changing day after day until it got mixed up with people who “think” they are artists just because they can afford to be. Or they think it is “cool” or “hip”.

But how do you define what is cool or not?

I don’t really understand the concept behind “cool”. What is cool and what is not, what is amazing and what is failing miserably.

I guess the idea will be clearer when the magazine releases its first issue soon online.. “Prelude” will be like a tabula rasa – a blank slate hungry for knowledge and will take the first step together into analyzing and making an analogy between past and present – hopefully will figure out ourselves first before figuring out what art is really is.

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