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My Cinemoz Piece: Figure of the Month: Faten Hamama

My Article on the Cinemoz Blog:

Figure of the month – Faten Hamama: In order to do justice to ‘Women’s month’ we cannot not pay homage to a long-standing figure in Arabic cinema, often referred to as the ‘Face of Egypt’ and ‘The Lady of the Arab Screen. The “Audrey Hepburn” of the Egyptian Cinema; a pioneer in the Egyptian cinema and changed the way women were portrayed, refusing to take on roles that portrayed women as sex symbols. She was mostly known at the start of her career for her romance films, where she fell in love and got married to Omar Sharif. One of their most memorable films together was “Nahr el Hob” (River of Love); an Arabic version of Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”. Her political views towards democracy and human rights led to her being harassed by the Secret Service, which led to her leaving Cairo for Beirut on many occasions. Though a lot of her films had pro-democracy nuances, many had to do with women issues in Egyptian society. For example, one of her most significant films, “Oridu Hallan” (I Need a Solution), criticized the laws governing marriage and divorce in Egypt. After the film, the Egyptian government eliminated a law that forbade wives from divorcing their husbands, thus allowing Khul’.


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