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What does the New Media mean to you? – Project 2

The media is a rapidly changing aspect of our society. We are so attached to it to the point that we no longer seem to live our lives without it. To what extent is it now part of our lives? Has is it dehumanized us to the point that we no longer function like humans anymore? Has facebook and twitter taken control of how we deal with society and people.

For my project on “What does the new media mean to you?”, I asked three people on LAU campus from different generations for their opinion on the matter… Farah Shehadeh, Sara Baghdadi, and Doctor Raed Mohsen.

Farah Shehadeh had a lot to say. It is apparent that she is aware of how the media is affecting her life. She gave examples from her life to address the issue.

Sara Baghdadi was more general. She doesn’t use the media and internet for work as much as she does for her personal life and therefore had less detailed answers although her perspective was not that different from Farah’s.

Dr Raed Mohsen is a professor who knows what he is talking about. He is very professional about how he uses the internet and as a communication professor, he stresses on the point that unless there is a valid reason there is no purpose to be so distant from others (through facebook) who live in the same city as you.

Although I asked the same questions to all three, each of them interpreted in their way. I didn’t correct them as I found it quite interesting. Farah went on to talk about how life was before she was a facebookie and how it changed after and the humorous aspect of “missing someone” through Facebook when you can see everything to do with them.

Sarah’s main concern is the future of her children and the effect of the new media on them. The best part of the conversation was as follows:

“Sometimes I sit on Facebook four to five/ six hours, sometimes for 3 minutes. I think that Facebook and the internet are not allowing people to have a social life the way they used to be. But I separate between them Till Now I still take control over the internet.

How do you take control?

I don’t let myself become addicted to searching on the internet and spend a lot of time. I prefer reading instead of reading the internet.”

Dr Raed Mohsen, as a councilor looked at it from the perspective of what he considered to be “internet addicts” and people he dealt with in his professional life.

The similarities between them was basically one thing. They are, like most people around the world, aware of the change in society due to the New Media.

I used an I Phone (not mine) for the project. I loved the use of the I Phone. It made me want to get one. I had to install a software on it to have the video recording thing on it. —

When it came to editing, I threw out the rule book on editing and just did what I felt might work. It was hectic as I have more than 20 minutes of film to cut down to 9 and the the people I had interviewed had so much information and even more pauses which would make any editor go nuts. I used the Windows Movie Maker. The videos were not applicable for the program so I had to download another program to fix it and convert the files, which took a good while. The first time it didn’t work because it was fuzzy, then I finally found a program which did not fail me. The easy part was cutting unwanted parts off. It is pretty smooth in that aspect. The hard part was trying to minimize the damage of split scenes. I put all my videos at once on the program and stuck them together and started snipping things off.

The subtitles were available to use. Since I have used the program before I chose it to keep to something familiar. 9 minutes of video to subtitle was hectic. There are some words which I could not even hear. The whole subtitling process took me 5 hours.I at first tried listening and typing, but it was too much stress and work, so I decided to type the text as I heard it on a Microsoft document and I then used that to copy paste as it went along, which made me finish faster.

I loved using a very small thing to shoot a video. It was so simple and so cool. No heavy equipment to carry around and set up, just the very small thing in my hand that carried 30 min worth of footage for me to use.

The worst part was subtitling. It took all the time and work before it was done and made me wish I had less footage, but the problem is that I couldn’t bring myself to cut anything more so I just left it. The programs that I kept on downloading and fixing weren’t fun either…especially when they wouldn’t work.

At the last minute I realized that the whole thing was supposed to be 3 separate videos, not three-in-one. So I went back to fix that.

Overall the project was nice but the technical difficulties were too immense!


One comment on “What does the New Media mean to you? – Project 2

  1. Nino Frewat
    September 22, 2010

    when you use an iphone (apple) don’t ever get what it outputs close to a windoze machine. I pity that phone. (you can delete this, it’s not a serious comment)

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