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Á mon Beyrouth…

My experiences with Foursquare

I have yet to meet a more frustrating application to use than foursquare. Goodness knows how backward I may be considered to be with these new applications coming in everyday. We’ll soon have an application informing everyone of the number of times we enter the bathroom a day. It is too complicated to use…

Since this is a homework and I have to behave all goody about it, the three places I would like to be mayor of would be; Café Younes, Hamra Cafe and LAU, which are my three favorite haunts…

The installation process was traumatizing. I spent almost 4 hours, taking breaks when it got too hectic for me to deal with, from the installation on my Nokia 2760 which didn’t work, (I had to use another phone) to the signing in, and of course, figuring out how to do the check in and shouts… grrrrr….

I have not yet had personal opportunities in meeting people nor business ones and I absolutely cannot see myself using foursquare in the future as it has driven me nuts and I don’t plan on devoting any more time trying to figure out how it works!


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This entry was posted on May 10, 2010 by in Classwork.
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