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What does the new media mean to you?

Farah Shehadi

(late teens)
My very good friend. Studious,nerdy, hardworker, fun to be with kind of girl.
I picked her because she does use the internet a lot, at the same time, she doesnt make it a life thing, she isn’t all obsessed about it..

Dr Raed Mohsen,

(late 40s)
Cool professor at LAU. He teaches communication.

Sara Baghdadi

(mid 20s)
outgoing, loves to live, doesnt spend too much time online
I picked her because i wanted a perspective of someone who might not find it important to be into the media.

The 5 questions I would ask would be:

1. How often do you use the internet?
2. Do you think it takes away from your actual life?
3. Do you think it would kill the traditional way of doing things? (ex.using kindle rather than hand felt books)
4. How do you feel about the new media system (are you cautious, do you embrace it, or do you reject it fully?)
5. Are you worried about the future and how it would affect your future and your childrens?(are you worried it would affect the communicaiton skills perhaps?)


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