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Antoine Naaman… the cool tech guy

Ayman you’re cool too, don’t freak out!!!

Antoine came over as the third class guest of the semester, to teach us on how to make use of our phones in the new tech world.

My phone, a Nokia 2760, is one that I am very proud of, although I admit that I use it for scarce else than calling and occasionally taking pictures which usually turn out to be blurry, such as the one on the right….

But after all, my phone is actually what is considered to be a DUMB phone, or the more politically correct term, a NON-SMART phone. But it is my phone, a precious thing that my little sister gave me once my old Motorolla one got stolen, in addition to the fact that it survived many bumps and falls, and of course, the occasional drowning in the pool syndrome…

Despite Antoine and Ayman insisting on the latest tech, I doubt a Blackberry or an Iphone would survive what my dear little Nokia 2760 did….

But I gotta admit, they really know their stuff… tech does come in handy when you need it after all, except for the second part of my homework, which is freaking me out cuz it simply isn’t working!!!!


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