To my Beirut

Á mon Beyrouth…

Meeting Maya… :)

As I waited for my flight at the duty-free with my grandmother at the airport last christmas, I did the usual wandering about at the “Virgin Megastore” next to the final check-ins. Glancing through the books on the stack, Maya Zankoul’s book caught my attention. At first I thought it was an ordinary cute animation book… then I opened it and began to read… the grin rarely left my face as I thanked the heavens that there was someone who I could relate to, as a Lebanese girl, constantly feeling awkward in the face of our society.

Her cute and straight-to-the-point sarcastic humor, and pragmatic approach to life, that is reflected in her adorable and warm drawings are a common ground for all Lebanese to sit and have a hearty good laugh.

My grandmother, impatient to leave even though it wasn’t for another 45 minutes till boarding time, pestered me to put the book down and follow her, which I reluctantly did…

It was a thrill to finally meet Maya in person in our very own classroom and speak to her about her book and blog. She was quite shy at the beginning and slowly gained her confidence as she showed us how she expressed herself through her caricature to vent her frustration on the social problems in Lebanon. It was a visit that I had looked forward to very much, and I was not disappointed.

BTW, this is her website,

and her old blog


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