To my Beirut

Á mon Beyrouth…

A homework I am too frustrated to do!!!!

In reponse to the lovely article we had to read for homework…,8599,1902604-3,00.html

+ name three industries mentioned in article that are being dramatically changed by twitter

– the news industry, the internet industry and the marketing industry…

+ what is #hackedu?

– #hackedu is a system that they used which creates a kind of group like we do with #lausocial in order to unite comments from a certain group where they all agree on the name….

+what type of content do you suggest we hashtag with #lausocial ?

– I think that any updates on class or questions or issues that concern LAU itself should be included in the #lausocial hashtag


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This entry was posted on March 10, 2010 by in Classwork.
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