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The King of the LAU Cats

I always wondered what was wrong with Bob the Cat. The leader of the tribe in Fine Arts, he is responsible for the area. He is loved and respected, although he sometimes acts as though he is suffering from split-personality disorder. Bob is either a lion, the Simba of the LAU cats, or an itsy bitsy kitty, more innocent than the Three Little Kittens… I caught him in a position that finally explained everything…

It’s always nice to catch him in such a peaceful, adorable and unlike Bob attitude!


One comment on “The King of the LAU Cats

  1. Dalia
    June 3, 2010

    This cat is a male? 😐 I always thought it was a female! Bob looks like your typical fat cuddly kitty but he’s not. He’s really vicious and self centered. If only he wasnt so adorable… We should call him The CAT king.

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